Top Free People Search Sites of 2005

With all the search engines releasing their top search words and phrases for 2005, we thought it would be good to list our picks for the top 5 free people search sites of 2005. The sites are presented in no particular order, as each of these free people search sites has its own strengths and uses.

So, without further adieu, here are the Skipease picks for the top 5 free people search sites of 2005 —

1. —, in our opinion, is the best and most reliable free 411 and directory assistance site on the web. Any people search should start with the site.

2. DA Plus — DA Plus is a great free people search that pulls its people search date from directory assistance as well as consumer and public record sources. As a result, DA Plus contains millions of people search results that aren’t available on other free people search sites.

3. Google — “Googling” people has become a common topic and activity over the past few years. Any mention of the top free people search sites has to include the web’s best search engine.

4. ZoomInfo — The ZoomInfo database currently contains over 27 million people search records associated with over 2 million companies. ZoomInfo is a great people search resource for looking at work history, professional biographies etc.

5. Zaba Search — Zaba Search is probably the most notorious free people search of 2005, garnering much attention in the press. Zaba Search, like DA Plus, contains numerous people search records not found on other free people search sites.

There you have it – our picks for 2005’s top free people search sites.

Good luck with your people search efforts.