The Top Free People Search Web Sites

What are the top free people search resources online?  In our opinion, the top free people search sites online have to be the following ( in no particular order ):

White Pages 411 People Search – the best 411 free people search site online for basic directory assistance searching.

DAPlus Free People Search – the DAPlus free people search pulls information from other resources besides typical directory assistance listings, like public record sources and consumer information sources.  The DAPlus site contains millions of people search records not found on other 411 directory assistance sites.

Skipease Reverse Lookup – a comprehensive listing of reverse lookup searches, including: reverse phone lookup, reverse address lookup, reverse email lookup, reverse area code lookup, reverse zip code lookup and unlisted reverse lookup tips and tricks.

Zaba Search Free People Search – The Zaba Search people search is another popular free people search that pulls information from sources other than just 411 directory assistance sources and contains listings not found on other free white pages sites.

ZoomInfo Free People Search – The ZoomInfo free people search contains millions of people search records based on employment history.

Google University Searches – the Google University Searches can be used to search a specific internet domain for a given university, allowing you to search for mention of a current student; former classmate; alumni; staff member or administrator for a specific university.

Skipease Mobile Searches – save the url of this link to your web-enabled cell phone or wireless device for a great list of mobile people searches; yellow pages; google searches and map searches for wired people on the go.

Deceased People Searches – a listing of searches for deceased people, including social security number – SSN – death indexes and obituary searches.

Inmate Search – a listing of federal and state inmate searches.

You can save this page to your favorites to keep this list handy, or visit all of these free people search sites and more on Skipease. com at  Free People Search .