Statistics on the “MySpace Generation”

Here are some interesting statistics from a December 12, 2005 Business Week cover story on the “MySpace Generation” —

The percentage share of 24 million U.S. teens ( age 12 – 17 ) who do the following:

Use the internet: 87%
Instant message ( IM ) : 65%
Go online everday: 44%
Keep several IM conversations going at once: 29%
Have more than 50 “buddies” on their regular IM list: 29%
IM people in the same room: 25%

With the growth and advance of networked people; search engine technology; blogs; online people searches; online public record locators and social networks like Friendster, MySpace and FaceBook, people will become easier and easier to locate, even as existing public record laws become stricter.

Mix a little vanity along with the ease of publishing online biographies, resumes, pictures and other personal information and you now have more options than ever for finding a person on the web without the use of paid professionals and fee-based databases.

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