Spock.com – A New People Search Engine

There’s some serious internet buzz surrounding a new people search engine called Spock.com.

Spock.com hasn’t launched yet and you currently have to request to be included on an invite list to be one of the first people to test this new search engine out, but already the site is generating a lot of interest among web search and people search professionals. Already tech luminaries like Tim O’Reilly ( www.oreilly.com ) and Michael Arrington ( www.techcrunch.com ) have applauded Spock.com’s future entrance into the world of online people search.

The Spock.com web site claims that their people search engine has already indexed over 100 million people profiles and is adding millions more every day. If the Spock group continues to grow their people search engine with personal profiles and people search features, they will take the art of “Googling” people to a whole new level.

To read more about the Spock.com people search engine and it’s features, see Tim O’Reilly’s blog @ Why I’m so excited about Spock.