Riya Facial Recognition and Privacy Concerns

A Dec. 7th article on wired.com by Jennifer Granick discusses some issues that we have discussed in previous posts on this blog, regarding the new Riya facial recognition software; photo tagging and search engines potentially indexing personal online pictures and making them searchable by a person’s name.

From the Wired article –

The service currently only searches photos uploaded to its servers. The technology could, however, be deployed across the internet, allowing people to search the web, Flickr, Tribe and Friendster photo sets, regardless of whether the owner or the person photographed wants to be identified. That’s where things get interesting.

Mothers could search MySpace.com and find pictures of their children at a party when they were supposed to be studying at a friend’s house. Insurers could search and find a photo of a customer bungee-jumping, and raise the daredevil’s premiums. I predict that the tool will be invaluable to former (and future) boyfriends and girlfriends checking up on lovers.

It certainly is fast becoming a brave new virtual world.

You can read the entire article by Jennifer Granick on wired.com @ Face It: Privacy is Endangered