Riya, Digital Cameras and GPS Cell Phones – Your Mobile “Big Brother”

Think about this one. Here is a people search idea that is both possible and probable. Add up the following existing and possible technologies and see what you get.

1. GPS cell phones that can pinpoint a person’s exact location. ( exists )

2. Mobile digital cameras on cell phones that can be used to capture images of anyone, anywhere at anytime. ( exists )

3. Date and time stamps encoded onto digital photographs. ( exists )

4. Photo sharing sites, like Flickr, and social networking sites, like Friendster, that allow people to freely upload digital pictures and publish them on the web. ( exists )

5. Online tagging technology, like del.icio.us, that allows people to “tag” web pages and images with relevant keywords, including people names, locations and other descriptive words for better searching. ( exists )

6. Facial recognition software like Riya that can recognize facial features of people in digital pictures. ( exists )

7. Bigger, better, “smarter” and faster online search engines. ( evolving every day )

8. Online satellite and map searches that use latitude, longitude location information for locating places. ( exists )

8. Location stamps encoded onto digital photo files from GPS cell phone cameras or GPS chips placed in any portable digital camera ( possible )

The possibilities from these 8 pervasive and possible technologies are endless; but, basically, you get the potential for online digital photos that can be searched and identified by an individual’s name on Google, and tell you the date, time and location of that individual when the photo was taken. Additionally, these photos could be linked to a map like Google Earth and Google Maps for a graphical view of the location – and let’s not forget the ease of obtaining driving directions to the photo location from your current location, using these same map searches.

Now, is there anything we left out? Please feel free to add your ideas and insights to the comments section under this post.