People Who Are ‘UnGoogleable’… For Now

Here is an interesting article from Wired Magazine about people who manage to keep their online personal data trails short or non-existant and are able to avoid being found on Google searches.  From the article –

Geri Agalia doesn’t appear to leave less of a data trail than most
Americans. She has a phone in her name, a bank account, utility bills,
a mortgage and a credit card. But the stay-at-home mom and part-time
student is among a select and ever-shrinking group of the digitally
privileged — her name does not appear on Google.

The only problem for Geri Agalia now is that her name and location ( San Diego, CA ) have appeared in a Wired Magazine article.  So she is no longer ‘UnGoogleable’.  The irony of it all.  She says she does not talk to telemarketers; well, maybe she shouldn’t have talked to Wired Magazine.

You can read the entire article by Ann Harrison on @ ‘UnGoogleables’ Hide From Search .