People Search Engine to Track Billions of Names is reporting that the free people search engine has already indexed 100 million people and is adding new names to its search engine at the rate of a million a day. is scheduled to open for public use in mid August. is an ambitious people search effort that plans to eventually index billions of names worldwide.

From the article —

“We are a search engine organizing information about people,” co-founder Jay Bhatti told AFP.

“How Google allows you to type anything and gives you a web document result, we give you results around people,” he said. “That’s how we differentiate ourselves from other search applications, because we are solely focused on people.”

The founders of, which has been under development since 2006 in Redwood City, California, hope the website will eventually provide a search result for everyone in the world.

To index individuals, scours through social networking websites such as MySpace, Friendster and Bebo.

But it also allows web surfers to add information about individuals to help compile full profiles.

“We try to index people, but the machine is not enough to understand all the data,” Bhatti said. “That’s where the community comes in. As an user of Spock, you will be able to add keywords, pictures, and to upload pages about people.”

Source: Search engine revs up to look for billions of names