“Googling” Social Networks With Wink

There is a new people search engine called “Wink” that allows users to do people searches across various social networks from a single search engine.

The Wink site currently allows users to search over 100 million people profiles on MySpace, Bebo and LinkedIn and they will be adding other social network sites as their search engine grows.

From the Wink press release —

Wink searches across over 100 million people from all walks of life,” said Michael Tanne, founder and CEO of Wink. “We are really excited about helping people connect across continents and cultures as our searchable index of public profiles from multiple social networks grows into the hundreds of millions.


Wink provides a unique way to find new friends that share your interests online. By searching across multiple social networks, for the first time people have one place to find new friends, discover new interests and stay connected across many social networks. More than just a name search, Wink People Search also provides several ways to search for people by their interests, affiliations, general location (no addresses), musical tastes, age and occupation.

You can access the site at Wink.com