Free Social Security Number ( SSN ) Validator Search

Crime Time Publishing has created a powerful and free social security number search site called SSN Validator that allows users to validate social security numbers against official data from the US Government’s Social Security Administration records.

Users can search a given social security number on the SSN Validator and the site will compare it to information on over 414 million issued social security numbers and return some very helpful information about the given ssn.

SSN Validator search results include:

1. State that the ssn was issued in.

2. Approximate year that the ssn was issued.

3. Whether or not the ssn has been issued by the Social Security Administration.

4. Information about whether or not the ssn appears to belong to a deceased individual as recorded in the Social Security Administration’s Death Masterfile.

The SSN Validator search is great for employers who want to do a quick and easy lookup on a prospective employee’s social security number, as well as professional skip tracers and people searchers, who want to find out which state a person’s ssn was issued in – for the possible lookup or relatives sharing the same last name.

You can check out the SSN Validator at