Bounty Hunter – Tricks of the Trade

Here is a great in-depth article from the Great Falls Tribune on the tricks of the trade used by a few Great Falls, MT bounty hunters. The article discusses numerous tips and tricks of a good bounty hunter that can be used by skip tracers, investigators or anyone conducting a people search or locator.

From the article —

“Human beings are easier to hunt than deer,” said Jack Sanders, another bail bondsman and bounty hunter in Great Falls.

“They’re dumb,” Sanders added. “They’re creatures of habit. A lot of times they’re on meth, and their friends will turn them in for 50 bucks.”

Last summer, Jara persuaded one client’s mom to hand over her fugative son’s address in Wyoming by fabricating a story about a mix-up with the courts.

Then Jara, a former long-time deputy sheriff, drove to the hideout in Jackson Hole and surprised the guy just as he was heading into town for the Fourth of July festivities.

“Part of our success in capturing these fugitives is the trickery and surprise that we use,” said Scott Olson, founder and owner of the oldest bounty hunter training program in the nation.

The main goal of bounty hunting, in fact, is to outsmart the fugitive. Brute force is almost never used.

You can read the entire bounty hunter article by Jared Miller @
Great Falls bounty hunters use brains, tricks of the trade to bring in their man