A New People Search For Social Networks From Gypsii.com

A new social networking website, Gypsii.com, has developed a new people search application to track and find your friends’ locations, using cellphone technology, maps and social networks like Facebook.com.

The software allows people to pinpoint a person’s exact location in real time, using mobile phone technology as a tracking device.

Gypsii.com launched this week at a phone industry trade show in Barcelona, Spain with a service that allows people to search for and identify the locations of their friends, family and network contacts around the world.

The people finder software, currently available only for high-end cell phones, allows users to find people and locations in any area, as well as share pictures, video clips and audio files with their friends and social network globally.

Gypsii is compatible with social network websites, by allowing the location-specific functionality of a person’s cell phone to be sent to a user’s Facebook.com page, plotting their friends’ as well as their own personal location.

Some technology analysts admit that some people will be turned off at the thought of being watched, tracked or monitored by another person, even by their friends and family.

The location of a cellphone can be found in two ways:

1. By a GPS chip that allows a device to recognise its location based on communication with satellites.

2. By triangulation when a cellphone sends signals to cellphone towers located around it. By measuring the speed at which signals travel to these different communication stations, a position can be calculated for the person using the cellphone.

According to phone industry experts, cellphones can be searched and located to within a few feet of their position.

Cellphone service providers and software designers are touting services that range from personal navigation to fighting terrorism at the mobile industry’s biggest trade show in Barcelona.

Source: AFP