Badoo’s ‘Selfie Request’ Combats Online Dating Fraud


You never know whether or not the person you are talking to online is the real deal or not, or if their profile photos are current or even authentic. According to research, over 50 percent of people who use online dating sites claim that they have encountered other people who have faked their profile information. […]


Facebook Offers People ‘Secret Conversations’

Facebook Messenger

Warning: this Facebook message will self-destruct in 5 minutes. Self-destructing text messages will soon be a reality for people who use the Facebook Messenger app on their smartphones. In the coming months, Facebook will be offering a “Secret Conversation” option on Facebook Messenger that will give users end-to-end encryption as well as the ability to […]


Never Forgotten Missing Persons Search For Arkansas

Never Forgotten Missing Persons Search

There are currently over 500 active missing persons cases in the state of Arkansas. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announced this week that the state has created a special site that allows the public to search and find information on all open missing persons cases in Arkansas. The site is called Never Forgotten ( […]


Algorithm Detects Lies That People Tell Online

Truth and Lies

A new computer algorithm can find and detect the lies that people tell in their emails, social media or online dating profiles. A group of four researchers at Cass Business School in the United Kingdom claim to have developed a lie-detecting algorithm that can find a person’s lies simply by analyzing their choice of words, […]


Google’s New ‘My Activity’ Tool

Google My Activity

Just like Santa Claus, Google knows if you have been naughty or nice. The reality is that Google knows a lot of things about a lot of people. They know the things people search for, the web sites that they visit and how long they stay on those sites. They know about people’s health problems, […]