New York City Police To Monitor Every Vehicle In Manhattan

The New York City Police Department is working on implementing a high-tech, anti-terrorism system that will track every vehicle that comes into Manhattan. The new security system is called “Operation Sentinel.” Operation Sentinel will use radiation sensors and surveillance cameras to monitor and track every vehicle that enters lower Manhattan. Every moving vehicle that drives […]

Read More >> To Launch Lawsuit Advice Web Site

A Florida lawyer has created a website that promises to make the process of litigation easier for people. The website is called and is expected to go live in September 2008. hopes to help people determine whether or not they have a legitimate legal case as well as help them find a lawyer […]


A Photo File That Can Steal Web Site Logons

Computer security researchers will unveil a new malicious software program next week at the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas that could steal peoples’ online profiles and logon information from web sites like MySpace, Facebook, eBay and Google. The software relies on a new hybrid computer file that is recognized as different things […]


LexisNexis & Partner On Legal Social Networking

LexisNexis, a data provider for the legal professions, has announced a partnership with professional social network The arrangement will allow LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell legal network to offer social networking for attorneys. In Addition, links to Martindale-Hubbell legal news and information will be added to the LinkedIn social network. A recent survey by Leader Networks showed […]


25 Percent of Companies Restrict Access To

Almost 25 percent of companies restrict employee access to, and other social network sites. The statistic comes from a survey of 200 HR professionals. The number of Americans using social networks has tripled in the past few years and the use of these sites has grown during business hours. People 35 and older […]