Woman Reunites With Birth Mom On Facebook

Aimee Sordelli & Kate Hindes

Thanks to the social networking power of Facebook, a Minnesota woman has been reunited with her birth mother for the first time in 34 years. Everyone knows that Facebook has helped countless people reunite with old friends and find long-lost family members, but this Facebook reunion story happened in record speed. Facebook has now taken […]


Pokémon Go: A New Way To Find People

Pokemon Go

Just when you thought that people’s lives and relationships had gone completely virtual, due to the rise in popularity of social media sites, along comes a gaming app like Pokémon Go that motivates people to go outside in search of fantasy characters, all while meeting other like-minded people in the real world. Within just a […]


Woman Reunites With Birth Mother After 55 Years

Ellen Parker & Audrey Nichols

Ellen Parker, 55,  is an adoptee who was raised in New York by her adoptive parents.  Ellen spent much of her life believing that her adopted mother and father were her biological parents. Ellen did not find out that she was adopted until after her adopted mother died in 2007. Ellen was shocked when she […]


Badoo’s ‘Selfie Request’ Combats Online Dating Fraud


You never know whether or not the person you are talking to online is the real deal or not, or if their profile photos are current or even authentic. According to research, over 50 percent of people who use online dating sites claim that they have encountered other people who have faked their profile information. […]


Facebook Offers People ‘Secret Conversations’

Facebook Messenger

Warning: this Facebook message will self-destruct in 5 minutes. Self-destructing text messages will soon be a reality for people who use the Facebook Messenger app on their smartphones. In the coming months, Facebook will be offering a “Secret Conversation” option on Facebook Messenger that will give users end-to-end encryption as well as the ability to […]