FBI Facial Recognition Program Has Problems

FBI Seal

This week, the United States Government Accountability Office ( GAO ) issued a report that raises serious questions about the reliability of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s facial recognition system for identifying potential criminal suspects. The GAO, which is considered to be the government watchdog division for the U.S. Congress, issued a report that calls […]


Mom Finds Kidnapped Son After A 21 Year Search

Steve Hernandez & Maria Mancia

If you are trying to find a missing person or long-lost family member, this story will give you incentive to carry on with your search. If you are trying to find a person, never give up hope and never give up your people search. This was a mother and child reunion that was two decades […]


Long-Lost Sisters Find Each Other After Decades

Sandra McDougal & Betty Bickford

Congratulations to long-lost sisters Betty Bickford, 66, and Sandra Jane McDougal, 62, on their successful reunion, after years of trying to find each other. According to the Portland Press Herald, the two sisters were separated by adoption when they were young, and, although they have lived near each other for years, they didn’t make contact with each […]


California Could Copyright Public Records

Public Records

The use of public records and other government works could get a lot more restrictive in the state of California. Some elected officials in California are supporting a bill that could remove all state and local government records and works from the public domain by applying intellectual property rights to them. A committee in the […]


Police Requesting User Location History From Google

Google Location History

The amount of location data that Google collects from people who use Android smartphones is massive and very precise. The location history that Google collects from smartphones that use their Android operating system is known to be much more precise than the location data that is collected by wireless service providers. Although a person’s Google […]