Search Sites That Mine Twitter For Information

Twitter is a goldmine of two things: people and the topics they are currently talking about. There are numerous services out there that help you mine the Twitter database to find out information on the trending topics on Twitter as well as the people who are tweeting about them, here are a few: – […]

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The people search is typically used by a person to reunite with former classmates that they have lost contact with, but it has recently reunited a brother and sister that had been separated for over 40 years. Mobile, Alabama pastor Joseph Lett ( age 48 ) used the Classmates people search to find his […]

Read More >> – Search Social Network Conversations In Real-Time

Topsy is a new social network search engine that searches conversations from online web 2.0 communities and returns search results based on the timely topical “chatter” that occurs on those communities every minute. Some of the social networks and online communities that Topsy takes its search results from are Twitter, blogs, Flickr, Digg, Yelp, Identica […]


Find People on Twellow & Twellowhood – Twitter’s Yellow Pages

The Twitter people search isn’t always the best way to find people based on a business or occupation. is the Twitter yellow pages that organizes Twitter users based on business and professional areas. You can search with a keyword like “accountant” or “skip tracer”. You can also find people by browsing the Twellow directory […]


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