Mother & Daughter Find Each Other After 50 Years

Molly & Rosie Reunion

An adopted woman has managed to find her birth mother after 50 years of wondering and searching. Molly Caldwell, 48, was adopted as a baby and has always wanted to know who her birth mother and father were. The only information that she had about her birth parents was that her birth mother gave her […]


More Wealthy People Are Hiding Their Locations

Privacy Street Sign

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy privacy. According to a recent article in the Financial Times, How The Super-Rich Are Making Their Homes Invisible, it may no longer be possible to see how the other half live. According to the article, there is a growing movement among rich people […]


Facebook Can Predict People’s Political Views

Ballot Box

Even though this is an election year, it may still come as a shock to find out that Facebook has so much personal information on people that they are able to accurately predict whether a person is on the right or left side of politics. Yes, Facebook is reportedly able to determine if a person […]


Man Finds His Biological Family After 42 Year Search

Dave & Maureen Reunion

Just a few months after he was born, Dave Lowe, 57, was given up for adoption by his mother because she was unable to raise him as single mother. Dave searched for his birth family for 42 years before giving up. He even enlisted the help of a UK television show called Long Lost Families […]


FirstTwo Gives Police Realtime People Location Data

FirstTwo App

FirstTwo is a new real-time people location tool that was developed by Niraj Shah for use by law enforcement agencies. Niraj Shah co-founded and sold the popular people search and public records service site Intelius. After talking with some first responders who work in the profession, Shah recognized a problem that he thought he could […]