‘Stud or Dud’ People Search & Background Check App

Stud or Dud People Search

Have you ever wished that you had more background information on a potential online date before meeting them for real in a potentially disappointing, embarrassing or even dangerous situation? Along with the rapid rise in popularity of social media and online dating sites/apps comes a growing interest in do-it-yourself background check services for people. It […]


Facebook Ordered To Stop Collecting People’s Information

Facebook WhatsApp

The data gods at Facebook have run into another privacy problem with a data watchdog and privacy regulator in Germany. Facebook has been ordered to stop gathering and sharing personal information on people who use the company’s WhatsApp messaging service in Germany. A German privacy regulator has accused Facebook of violating Germany’s national data protection […]


DNA Database Finds Woman’s Biological Father

Family Puzzle

Score another successful people search for DNA testing services. A woman has found her birth father after a long search. Jordon Goulder grew up thinking that the man who helped raise her was her biological father. When she was 22 years old, the man that she thought was her father died and that is when […]


People Storing Personal Information Under Their Skin

RFID Reader

As digital data storage devices with RFID tags have gained in storage capacity, gotten cheaper and become smaller, some people have decided to use electronic products that can store their personal information under their skin. A growing number of people are having small RFID enabled storage devices implanted under their skin to store personal data […]


Forensic Genealogists Search For Lost Family


Doing useful forensic work doesn’t always require a scientific or technical background. Some very important forensic work involves professional genealogists who are experts in people search and public record research. When police departments have deceased person cases, where they know the identity of the person, but do not know who or where the family members […]