Woman Finds Her Mom After A Long People Search

Goldie Waltman & Patricia Lorenz

In 1954, Goldie Waltman gave birth to a baby girl that she had to give to another couple to care for and raise. Waltman says that giving her baby daughter to the couple was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life. Last week, Waltman was reunited with her daughter, Patricia Lorenz, for […]


Police Solve Cold Case Homicide From 1965

Bill Huff's Car

Police in Bellevue, Washington have solved a 51-year-old cold case homicide from 1965. Not only was this the oldest cold case murder in the history of the Bellevue Police Department, it was also the department’s very first homicide case. Furthermore, this case was solved with old-school investigative techniques, and not with DNA evidence and testing. […]


Long-Lost Siblings Reunited At Career Fair

Terrell & Faith

This story shows that a reunion between two long-lost family members can occur in the most unlikely and unexpected of places. A brother and sister who were separated 8 years ago were unexpectedly reunited when they met while attending the same career fair. Terrell and Faith are siblings that were separated 8 years ago when […]


New People Search & Public Record Database From IDI Data


There is a new people search and public record database that is only available to skip tracers, investigators and legal and law enforcement professionals. IDI Data is a new “data fusion” company that has reportedly compiled profiles on every adult person in the United States for their idiCore search service. However, IDI Data isn’t your […]


Man Reunited With Abandoned Girl He Found 22 Years Ago

Kiran Sheikh and Joe Campbell Reuion

A woman who was abandoned in a telephone booth 22 years ago as a baby has been reunited with the man who found and rescued her. Kiran Sheikh, 22, was only two hours old when she was abandoned by her mother and left in a London phone booth on April 30th, 1994. Joe Campbell, 52, […]