FTC Warns Background Check Services


This week the Federal Trade Commission warned several prominent online background check services that they may be in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FTC mailed official letters to 10 background check companies warning them of the potential problem with the information they provide to employers and creditors. Several sites were warned that […]


Adoptees Use Social Networks To Find Biological Parents


Social networks have long been great search tools for finding past friends and family as well as ways to stay in touch with current friends and relatives. Now adoptees are using Facebook and other social media sites to find their birth parents and biological families. As a result of restrictive state laws that often limit […]


Top Reasons For Performing Background Checks On People

Taking the time to search for a lost loved one is often one of the main reasons people search public records or other online sources, but there are occasions when the search has little to do with love. Performing a background check is done for a variety of reasons. Employers, schools, and other organizations find […]


The Difference Between Public Records & Private Information

Do you know how to search public records? When hunting for information about someone, it is important to understand the difference between what is considered public information, and what falls under the realm of private information. In this era of digital information, with plenty of avenues available to explore, the distinction between private and public […]


Raytheon’s Predictive People Search “RIOT”

The security corporation Raytheon has developed a proprietary people tracker and finder that can locate a person’s real-world footprint and predict likely locations for any given time using GPS header data from digital photos and social networking data. RIOT, which stands for Rapid Information Overlay Technology, mines data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter […]