Judge: IP Addresses Are Not Enough To ID People

IP Address

In a ruling that could radically change the way IP addresses and geolocation information is used to identify people in court cases, a Florida judge has decided something that many of us have known for a long time: an IP address is not enough information to identify an individual person. In a court case involving […]


Facebook’s Growing Appetite For Personal Data

Facebook Privacy Cartoon

News about Facebook’s disturbing interest in people’s personal information is nothing new. As the world’s largest social network, their large knowledge base and social graph of people is well known. However, Facebook’s recent efforts to collect data on every many, woman and child seem to be establishing the popular social network as the mother ship […]


Congress Considers Regulating Data Brokers

Privacy Key

Some members of Congress want to pass a law regulating data brokers that collect and sell consumer contact and demographic information. This consumer information is the main source of data for the burgeoning people search and background check services that can be found everywhere on the internet nowadays. Over the past several years, the people […]


The Long Arm Of Criminal Records

Court Gavel

The online digital age has made it more difficult for people to hide from their criminal and arrest records. More and more courts are putting people’s criminal and civil records online. In addition, third-party background check sites are collecting these records and making them easy and inexpensive to search for online. Thanks to the internet […]


Open N.C. Makes North Carolina Public Records More Public

Open NC Public Records

Open N.C. is a project that collects public records from various sources for the state of North Carolina and makes it easier for reporters and journalists to access them from one online search. The site was developed by The University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Chapel Hill with support from […]