Raytheon’s Predictive People Search “RIOT”

The security corporation Raytheon has developed a proprietary people tracker and finder that can locate a person’s real-world footprint and predict likely locations for any given time using GPS header data from digital photos and social networking data. RIOT, which stands for Rapid Information Overlay Technology, mines data from social networks like Facebook and Twitter […]


Facebook’s ‘Revealing’ New People Search

WARNING: Watch what you do, ‘The Graph’ is watching you. Although Facebook’s new Graph Search is still a beta release, it is already revealing more personal information than many would ‘Like’. This new people-powered search uses the treasure trove of personal details that users share on Facebook and makes it all searchable by friends, family, […]


Employment Screening & Background Checks From GoodHire


It is estimated that resume fraud costs employers approximately $600 billion annually. Lying about educational accomplishments is the most common form of “resume padding” and it is estimated that half of all job applicants falsify their educational background. The American Psychological Association estimates that as much as 67% of all resumes contain some misrepresentation of […]


How To Research Your Family Tree & Trace Ancestors


Researching your family tree and genealogy can be a time-consuming, yet rewarding, adventure. Most people want to know more about their roots and heritage, but not everyone has the time or the focus to do the research, organizing and digging through archives and public records. In addition, researching your family history can reveal surprises, secrets […]


How Social Media Can Be Used By Investigators


Social media hasn’t ended the need for private investigators, but it has without a doubt made some of their tasks a great deal easier. In a world where social media plays such a big role, it is much easier to find information that was once very difficult to find. Many people don’t realize just how […]