Supreme Court To Hear Spokeo People Search Case

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On Monday the U.S. Supreme Court granted a petition from Spokeo, Inc. and agreed to consider a case involving their popular people search site. The case of Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins seeks a Supreme Court decision as to whether or not Spokeo should face a class action lawsuit over incorrect consumer information that was found […]


23andMe Finds Adoptee’s Birth Family

Bob Weiss Photo

Bob Weiss is an adoptee who is almost 85 years old and thanks to a DNA testing and matching kit from 23andMe he has finally found his long-lost biological family. He has wondered about his birth parents and family ever since an argument at the age of 16 with his adopted parents, where it was […]


Using Social Media To Measure People’s Insurance Risk

Social Media Risk

Insurance companies can now use people’s social network profiles to determine risk and set insurance rates. Profiles and posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide the most honest and unfiltered personal information about a person’s risk-taking behavior than any other source. The sharing of personal details and activities on social sites […]


Computer Program Identifies Internet Trolls

Internet Troll Cartoon

Graduate students from Stanford and Cornell universities claim that they have developed a computer program that can detect an internet troll with 80% accuracy just by analyzing their first five posts online. The accuracy goes up to 90% after analyzing the first ten posts for a user. The research studied comment threads on the CNN, […]


The New Wave Of Wearable Spy Cameras

ParaShoot Camera

A new generation of mini wearable and throwable video cameras is turning every citizen into a modern day Big Brother, with the ability to spy on and video record other people. Never before have so many people been recorded and never before have so many people had the ability to record others thanks to the […]