Drones Give People Dangerous New Surveillance Tools

Drone Pilot Cartoon

As drone technology becomes cheaper and more powerful, more people will have access to this new surveillance tool to spy on friends, family, neighbors or anyone else. This powerful new consumer and business technology is opening up a Pandora’s box of legal, privacy and safety issues for people. It seems there is a new bizarre […]


Google Yourself Or Anyone Else

Google Yourself

The ancient Greek aphorism “Know thyself” is in need of an update and that update should be “Google thyself.” Google is much more than just a web search engine that people can use for topical and keyword searches. We have successfully used Google to discover everything from plagiarists and brand thieves ( people who try […]


Tech Companies Could Own Your “Faceprint”

Facebook Image

Facebook’s public launching of their “Moments” photo-sharing app, which uses facial recognition technology to identify people by name in the photos that users share, had Fortune magazine asking, “Who owns your face?” According to Fortune, the answer to that very personal question could be Facebook as well as any other technology company that uses facial […]


USPS Package Tracking Catches Drug Dealer

Package Tracking

This true crime story is like a real life episode of Breaking Bad. An alleged drug dealer was discovered and caught after he regularly checked the status of shipments of methylone from China on the United States Postal Service’s Track n’ Confirm site. According to legal documents filed in an ongoing federal criminal case in […]


Trustify App Helps People Find Private Investigators

Trustify Logo

A new iPhone app called Trustify promises to help people find qualified and affordable private investigators with the tap of a smartphone screen. Trustify has been called the “Uber” for people trying to locate a licensed private investigator in their area. For $60.00 per hour people can use Trustify to hire a reputable investigator for […]