New Iris Scanner Can Identify People 40 Feet Away

Iris Scanning Identification

Big Brother meets Minority Report with this new identity recognition technology. Advanced iris scanning software developed by engineers at Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab Biometrics Center can identify people from up to 40 feet away and is even accurate when the person’s eye is scanned from reflections in their car’s side and rear-view mirrors. According to Marios […]


DNA Used To Identify & Shame People

DNA Public Shaming

We have your DNA, shame on you! It’s a brave new world where people’s DNA can now be used as a form of public surveillance and punishment. Hong Kong is taking samples of DNA found on publicly discarded chewing gum, coffee cups and cigarette butts to reconstruct the facial appearance of people who litter. The […]


Open Adoption Records Reunite Families

Open Adoption Records

A few states are opening up their adoption records that had been sealed for decades.  As a result, families are being reunited that may never have found each other if these records had remained closed. One of the states that recently opened up their adoption records is Ohio. On March 20, 2015 The Ohio Bureau […]


Expunged Criminal Records Found On Background Check Reports

Background Checks

In the past few years, numerous states along with Washington D.C. have passed laws that make it easier for people to legally expunge or seal some criminal and arrest records. However, some legally expunged criminal records may still be found in third-party background check reports if the companies fail to delete these records from their […]


Social Media Reunites Siblings After 60 Years

Sisters Searching for Brother

This is a great family reunion story as well as a good search tip for anyone trying to find and reunite with past friends or family members. Two sisters have found their long-lost brother after 60 years thanks to a post they put up on social networking sites. The Sisters, Linda Benton McCloskey and Betty […]