Infrared Facial Recognition Identifies People In The Dark

Infrared Facial Recognition

Computer scientists in Germany have developed a new infrared facial recognition system that uses thermal images to identify people in the dark. The system uses multiple infrared images to create a unique “thermal signature” for a person. This thermal signature is based on heat maps of their face and it can be used to identify […]


Experian Faces Class-Action Suit Over ID Theft Negligence

Experian Logo

Experian ( one of the big-three U.S. credit bureau companies ) is facing a class-action lawsuit over their negligent role in the sale of personal data to a Vietnamese buyer who was involved in an identity theft service. On July 14th, Hieu Minh Ngo was sentenced to 13 years in a U.S. federal prison for […]


Man Arrested For Tracking & Stalking Wife With GPS Device

Tracy Wilhite

A man from West Monroe, Louisiana was arrested last week for allegedly tracking and stalking his wife with a GPS device. Tracy Wilhite was arrested on July 21st, 2015 and has been accused of tracking and stalking his estranged wife for 40 days with a GPS device the he put on her vehicle to keep […]


Google Maps Now Shows Your Location History

Google Maps Timeline

In addition to “Googling” your name, you can now “Google” your locations on Google Maps. Google Maps now offers its users a minute-by-minute personal timeline of their locations that lets people see exactly where they have been at the street level. However, the new feature is only available to users who have agreed to share […]


Age-Progression Photos Help Find Missing Persons

Age Progression Software

Since 1984, forensic artists at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have created almost 6,000 age-progression images of missing children. Over 1,300 of those missing children have been found with the help of these “aged” images. The center currently employs four forensic artists who work to update the photos of missing children every […]