Burner App Turns Your Smartphone Into a Burner Phone

Burner App

A “burner phone” is a pre-paid, disposable mobile phone that people use to hide their identity, location and business activity from law enforcement and others.  People are often shown using burner phones in popular crime shows and spy movies. Now there is an app called “Burner” that can take your smartphone and turn it into […]


Florida PI’s Restricted By New GPS Tracking Law

Florida State Seal

Private investigators in the state of Florida are facing some tough challenges to their surveillance work due to a new state law that goes into effect in October. On October 1st, Florida Statute 934.425 will be officially implemented which makes it illegal to install a GPS tracking device and software on private property without permission from […]


Companion App Lets People Walk You Home Remotely

Companion App

Companion is the name for a new personal safety app that is getting a lot of attention and gaining popularity for its simple and useful purpose. The Companion app lets your friends, family or other trusted people accompany you remotely when you have to walk alone at night or through a dangerous neighborhood. You can […]


Facebook Friends Could Influence Your Credit Score

Loan Application

The next time you approve a friend request on Facebook, it could determine whether your future loan applications are accepted or rejected. Facebook wants to take the old proverb “birds of a feather flock together” and use it to crowdsource your credit score. The world’s most powerful social network received a new patent to do […]


Personal Info From People Search Site Used In Tax Scam

Espere Desmond Pierre

The internet is awash in easily findable personal data and sometimes this information ends up in the hands of criminals who use it in identity theft scams. According to The Florida Center For Investigative Reporting, two Miami-based drug dealers obtained personal information from a popular people search site for use in a tax refund scam. According […]