Police Using GPS Objects To Track Thieves

GPS Pill Bottle

As GPS devices have become smaller, less expensive and more accurate, police have come up with some creative ways to hide them in everyday objects to track people in real-time. Police are hiding small GPS devices in bundles of cash, prescription pill bottles and other objects to track and catch would-be thieves and criminal suspects. […]


Meet Peeple – A Creepy New People Review App

Peeple Review App

Just when you thought social media couldn’t sink any lower, someone comes along and creates a “Yelp-like” review app for rating people – and hilarity ensues. There’s a new app in town called “Peeple” and, even though it hasn’t been released to the public yet, it has a lot of people peepled-off. Peeple is an […]


Smartphone Passwords Protected By 5th Amendment

Smartphone Passcode

In the case of SEC v. Bonan Huang et al, a federal court in Pennsylvania has ruled that forcing people to give up their smartphone passwords to investigators is a violation of their Fifth Amendment protections against self incrimination. The¬†issue involves Securities and Exchange Commission investigators who are trying to force two insider trading suspects […]


Facebook’s New Plan For Identifying People

Facebook Camera Identification

Help! Facebook is using my smartphone camera to stalk me! This creepy scenario may be a reality someday soon. It seems like every week there is a news story about some new, shameless technology that Facebook has invented for tracking and identifying people online. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg is starting to look like some […]


Twin Brothers Reunited After 70 Years Of Separation

Lucian George Reunion

In 1946, George Skrzynecky and his twin brother Lucian¬†Poznanski were separated shortly after their birth because their biological mother was too sick to care for them. Their mother was a Polish woman who had just been released from a German work camp at the end of World War II when the twins were born. The […]