Intelius Buys Classmates Reunion Site For $30M

Classmates Logo

In July, we reported on the sale of Intelius, a leading people search and background check company, to private equity firm H.I.G Capital. This month it was announced that Intelius has bought Classmates for a reported $30 million. For people who don’t know, was the original classmate reunion site before there was Facebook. Intelius […]


LinkedIn’s Lookup App Helps You Find Coworkers

Linkedin Lookup

Social networks like LinkedIn are always coming up with new ways to help people search for, find and connect with one another. LinkedIn’s new people search app called “Lookup” is a quick employee directory that lets you find your fellow coworkers and do background research on them. The LinkedIn Lookup app could make your company’s […]


Privacy Glasses Fool Facial Recognition Cameras

Privacy Visor

The facial recognition technology that is used by surveillance cameras, smartphones and social media sites can be fooled by a simple pair of plastic glasses that use a semi-transparent visor to distort people’s facial features. Researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics have invented a “Privacy Visor” that can foil facial recognition devices and software […]


Facebook Blocks People Over Flagged Last Name

Balizar & Audrey Avatar

Facebook is a notorious stickler when it comes to people using their real names when they register profiles on the popular social media site. The world’s largest social network recently ran afoul of European regulators for requiring users to register their real names on the site. Now, a couple in Prescott, Arizona is finding out […]


Spokeo Names “Search Angels” For 2015

Spokeo Search Angels

Spokeo, a popular people search engine, has named their “Search Angel” award winners for 2015. Spokeo’s annual Search Angel awards recognize volunteer searchers who help adoptees find and reunite with their birth families. Search Angels are people who selflessly volunteer to help adoptees search for their birth parents and families. Search Angels are well known […]