Chance Meeting Reunites Sisters After 40 Years

Sisters Reunited

Life is full of surprising events like this chance reunion between two long-lost and orphaned sisters. Two South Korean sisters, who were orphaned in the 1970s and adopted by separate families living in the United States, have been reunited after 40 years apart when they both took jobs at the same hospital and met while […]


DNA Databases Help Adoptees Find Birth Parents

DNA Family Search

At first there were search engines like Google, where people could do name searches to find friends and family members online. Next came social media, where people could find and reunite with friends and family online through social networks like Facebook. However, for adoptees looking for biological parents or families with little or no family […]


Social Media Privacy Laws Protect Employees

Social Media Privacy

Florida is the latest state to advance a bill that would extend social media privacy protections to people in the workplace. A Florida state Senate committee just passed a bill that would restrict access to peoples’ social media accounts by employers and potential employers. If signed into law, state bill SB 186 would make it […]


Police Using GPS Objects To Track Thieves

GPS Pill Bottle

As GPS devices have become smaller, less expensive and more accurate, police have come up with some creative ways to hide them in everyday objects to track people in real-time. Police are hiding small GPS devices in bundles of cash, prescription pill bottles and other objects to track and catch would-be thieves and criminal suspects. […]


Meet Peeple – A Creepy New People Review App

Peeple Review App

Just when you thought social media couldn’t sink any lower, someone comes along and creates a “Yelp-like” review app for rating people – and hilarity ensues. There’s a new app in town called “Peeple” and, even though it hasn’t been released to the public yet, it has a lot of people peepled-off. Peeple is an […]