Crime Suspect Identified By Social Media

Patrick Wilson

Here is a good example of how social networking sites and social media apps can help police solve criminal investigations. An alleged robbery suspect has been identified and arrested after some people on social media identified him for police. Patrick H. Wilson, 26, of Lake City, Florida has been arrested and charged with burglary, grand […]


Missing Sisters Found Safe After Two Year Search

Samantha & Gianna Rucki

Last week, two missing teenage sisters from Lakeville,  Minnesota were found safe and healthy at a horse ranch by police and U.S. marshals, who were prosecuting a search warrant at the ranch. Samantha Rucki, 17, and her younger sister Gianna Rucki, 16, were found living on the White Horse Ranch in an area in west […]


Online Dating Predator Charged By Police

John Wesley Mcree

Police in San Marcos, Texas have arrested a man on aggravated assault charges, who is believed to be an online dating predator. The man they arrested is John Wesley Mcree, 38, who was using a fake profile on the popular online dating site “Plenty of Fish.” Mcree’s online dating profile claimed that he was a […]


Veteran Reunited With His Children After 40 Years

Alllen Thomas Family

United States Army veteran, Allen Thomas, has been reunited with his twin children after trying to find them for over 40 years. Allen Thomas, who is now 68 years old, fathered fraternal twins, Sandra and James, while serving in South Korea in 1967, but he had to leave them and their mother to return to […]


Police Use Google Timeline To Track People

Google Timeline

As soon as Google announced the expanded location tracking for their Timeline tool in July, there was speculation about how police departments and government agencies could use this detailed personal information to spy on people through their current and past locations. A recent law enforcement report details how Google Timeline can be used by police […]