Facebook Changes ‘Real Name’ Reporting Policy

Facebook Real Name Policy

Facebook is well known for their strict name policy that requires people to use real names on their social network profiles. Recently, Facebook has gotten some bad press for the procedures they use for reporting, flagging and enforcing their real-name policy. However, this week the social media giant is set to change the procedures that […]


Facebook At Work vs LinkedIn

Facebook at Work

A high-stakes showdown between social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn is set for 2016, when Facebook is expected to enter the professional social networking space with “Facebook at Work.” LinkedIn has dominated the career-centered social media space for years, and now the world’s largest social network, Facebook, wants to take their spot in the workplace. […]


Private Investigator Uses Drones To Record Prostitutes

Drone Camera Prostitution

It’s funny how new technology continues to disrupt old business practices. Now, even the world’s oldest profession has a new high-tech problem – flying drones with video cameras. Private investigator and anti-prostitution activist, Brian Bates, is using drones to spy on, record and catch prostitutes and the people who hire them. Brian Bates operates a […]


Holocaust Survivor Reunited With His Rescuer

Michael Hochberg & Krystyna Jakubowska

A Holocaust survivor from Israel has been reunited with a Polish woman who helped save his life during World War II. Michael Hochberg, 77, was reunited with Krystyna Jakubowska, 86, in New York City at JFK Airport 70 years after Krystyna and her family helped save Michael from the Germans. In 1943, Krystyna’s family took […]


This Surveillance Device Steals Your Digital Life


There is a new surveillance technology that can literally steal your entire digital life without you ever finding out what happened. Interapp is a surveillance device that can be used by police and government intelligence agents to zero in on nearby smart phones and access the user’s social media profiles, cloud storage accounts, phone apps, […]