Background Check Misses Nanny’s Criminal Records

Stephanie Lee Fox

Before deciding to hire a nanny or other caregiver for a family member, make sure not to skimp on the criminal background check and always personally verify all references for an applicant. is a Massachusetts-based business that markets itself as the largest web site for finding and hiring nannies and other family caregivers. The […]


Online Database Reveals Millions Of U.S. Voter Records

Ballot Box

In this era of big data, you never know where your personal information is going to turn up next or who will find it and use it. It was revealed this week that computer security investigator and “white hat” hacker, Chris Vickery, discovered a freely accessible online database that contains the personal information on people […]


Breakup Apps Help People End Relationships

Breakup Shop

First there were online dating sites, then came the online dating apps and now there are new apps for people who want to break off an unwanted relationship. As the old saying goes: “there are plenty of fish in the sea” – and inventive app creators have come up with some new ways to release […]


‘Grateful Doe’ Identified After 20 Years

Jason Callahan

This story shows the power of the internet and social media to solve difficult cases that involve missing and unidentified persons. A few weeks ago, an unidentified teenage victim who was killed in a 1995 auto accident in Virginia was finally identified thanks to DNA testing and the efforts of some tireless internet sleuths, who […]


Facebook Changes ‘Real Name’ Reporting Policy

Facebook Real Name Policy

Facebook is well known for their strict name policy that requires people to use real names on their social network profiles. Recently, Facebook has gotten some bad press for the procedures they use for reporting, flagging and enforcing their real-name policy. However, this week the social media giant is set to change the procedures that […]