Falcon Drone Can Catch & Retrieve Other Drones

Drone Catcher

Evidently, it takes a drone to catch a drone. Rogue drones are becoming more common and dangerous. Unauthorized drones have been used for everything from disrupting public events and spying on people to interrupting commercial airplane flights. To say that drone use by an amateur operator or terrorist is potentially problematic would be a gross […]


Police Can Track People Based On “Threat Scores”

Color Threat Alerts

Some police departments are now using predictive software that allows them to monitor and track people based on individual, computer-generated “threat scores.” A “threat score” can be thought of as law enforcement’s version of a credit score. However, whereas credit scores are used to assess your financial risk to creditors; threat scores measure your personal […]


Facebook Wants To Destroy Your Phone Number

No Phone Number

Evidently, Facebook’s goal of connecting everyone on Earth includes eliminating their reliance on phone numbers for calling each other. If Facebook has its way, phone numbers will be going the way of the dinosaurs – into the dustbin of history. David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president in charge of instant messaging applications, posted his predictions for […]


Bounty Hunter Arrested For Double Murder

Kevin Watkins

A professional bail bondsman and bounty hunter has been arrested and is being held on two counts of murder over the disappearance of two teenage boys in Indianapolis, Indiana on Christmas Eve. Kevin Watkins, 49, was charged for the murders of Dionne Williams, 16, and Timmee Jackson, 15, after Dionne’s mother, Amber Partlow, discovered gruesome […]


Background Check Misses Nanny’s Criminal Records

Stephanie Lee Fox

Before deciding to hire a nanny or other caregiver for a family member, make sure not to skimp on the criminal background check and always personally verify all references for an applicant. Care.com is a Massachusetts-based business that markets itself as the largest web site for finding and hiring nannies and other family caregivers. The […]