Ohio’s New Public Records Mediation


Ohio lawmakers have come up with a new way to handle public records disputes that arise between people and state government agencies. The Ohio legislature has proposed a public records mediation service to help handle public record appeals from citizens whose requests for government records are delayed or outright denied. In June, lawmakers passed a […]


Man Finds His Daughter After 55 Years

Jeannie-Louisa Fleming and George Fleming

A lifetime of wondering and searching, along with a journey back in time, has united a 75-year-old Canadian man with the daughter that he never knew. George Luchuk, from Milbrooke, Ontario, decided to search for the 55-year-old daughter that he fathered when he was only 19 years old and working in an area of Quebec […]


Baltimore Is Spy Tech Central

Baltimore Map

People who live in Baltimore or visit the city are under constant surveillance. A recent article in Wired magazine may have Baltimore, Maryland being referred to as “Big Brother Baltimore.” According to Wired’s article, How Baltimore Became America’s Laboratory for Spy Tech, the city has become a spy tech metropolis. According to the article, the […]


Brian Kelly Is Trying To Find Ed Costello

Brian Kelly and Ed Costello

People search request: can you help someone locate their best friend that they lost contact with four decades ago? A man from Ireland is trying to find and reunite with a long-lost friend who was the best man at his wedding 40 years ago. Brian Kelly recently made an appeal through the Independent news outlet […]


People Using Drones To Spy On Cheaters

Spy Drone

Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned. Drone surveillance technology has now made it easier for people to spy on and catch a cheating partner or spouse. Some divorce lawyers are reporting that people are increasingly using drones to monitor and record the activities of their romantic partners. Lawmakers at the local, state and […]