Parents Find Kidnapped Daughter After 18 Years

Celeste and Zephany Nurse

On April 27, 1997, almost 19 years ago, Celeste Nurse gave birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa and that was the last time she saw her newborn baby daughter, Zephany, until now. Three days after Celeste gave birth, a woman dressed as a maternity nurse came into her […]


Police Officer Disciplined Over Social Media Videos

Richard Hy

Criminals aren’t the only people who get into trouble for their public activities on social media sites; police officers can get into trouble too. The Buffalo Police Department has suspended one of their police officers without pay for some questionable videos that he posted on social media sites. Officer Richard Hy was suspended by the […]


Misdemeanor Criminal Records Can Be Sealed In PA

Sealed Criminal Records

Pennsylvania has just made it easier for people with nonviolent misdemeanor criminal offenses to have their criminal records sealed from public view. Last week, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe signed a bill into law that allows people to have their criminal records sealed by a court as long as the offense is no worse than a […]


GPS Can Locate People To Within A Centimeter

GPS Location

People depend more and more on global positioning systems for many useful location-based services that they use every day. However, current GPS services are only accurate to within about 10 meters, which can often mean the difference between finding or not finding the person, place or thing that your are looking for. The accuracy of […]


ESPN Files $90K Public Records Motion Against MSU

Public Records FOIA

Government agencies and public institutions are learning the hard way that stonewalling on Freedom of Information Act requests for public records can lead to expensive lawsuits and tarnished reputations. ESPN has filed a $90,000 legal motion against Michigan State University to recover legal expenses and fees that the network racked up during a public records […]