ESPN Files $90K Public Records Motion Against MSU

Public Records FOIA

Government agencies and public institutions are learning the hard way that stonewalling on Freedom of Information Act requests for public records can lead to expensive lawsuits and tarnished reputations. ESPN has filed a $90,000 legal motion against Michigan State University to recover legal expenses and fees that the network racked up during a public records […]


Woman Finds Biological Mom After 82 Years

Betty Morrell & Lena Pierce

Thanks to all of the people searches and public records available online now, it is never too late to find and reunite with a friend or family member that you have lost contact with. An 82-year-old woman has finally been reunited with her 96-year-old birth mother after a lengthy search that lasted 50 years. Betty […]


Criminals Use Social Media To Target Wealthy People

Cyber Crime

According to The Financial Times, criminal hackers are using personal information found on social networks and investment websites to target wealthy people in financial scams to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. One computer security organization says that they have seen a measurable increase in the number of hacker attacks aimed […]


People Obsessed With Selfies Ruin Relationships

Selfie People

Are people who take “selfies” more likely to destroy their personal relationships? A recent study done by two researchers at Florida State University found that people who are obsessed with taking selfies of themselves and sharing these personal photos on social networks like Facebook and Instagram are more likely to experience trouble in their personal […]


Most Facebook Friends Are Not True Friends

Facebook Friends

Do you know how many of your friends on Facebook are true friends that you can really count on? A new study has found that the overwhelming majority of your friends on Facebook are fake friends. In fact, the report shows that, on average, only 4 – 5 of your friends on Facebook’s social network […]