Chipotle’s Social Media Policy Ruled Illegal

Social Media Policy

This labor relations case shows how corporate social media policies and employee social media use are fraught with controversy and legal troubles for companies as well as workers. It seems lately that Chipotle just can’t get a break. A Chipotle worker who was terminated for posting critical comments about the company on Twitter has won a […]


Google People Search Shows Candidate Info

Google Donald Trump

This could be the start of a trend with Google displaying more personal and public record information about people directly on their result pages whenever you search for a person by name. Google’s people search results now include campaign finance information for the 2016 presidential candidates, making it easier for people to do background research […]


Mom Reunited With Kidnapped Daughter

Shaymaa and Dorothy

We love happy family reunion stories like this. A mother has just been reunited with her kidnapped daughter 24 years after the girl was taken from her. After a long search, Dorothy Fowler has been reunited with her daughter Shaymaa, twenty four years after Shaymaa’s father kidnapped her and took off. Dorothy is now 46 […]


Peeple App, People Reviews & Internet Trolls

Online Reviews

A controversial people review app called Peeple is now available for iPhone users. Peeple has been described as the “Yelp for people.” However, some worry that the Peeple app will end up being just another untrustworthy tool for angry internet trolls, who already misuse popular social media sites like Facebook and customer review sites like […]


Google PlaNet Can Find A Photo’s Location Without Geotags

Google Image Location

You may already be familiar with Google’s popular reverse image search, where users can reverse search an image using the photo’s online URL or by uploading the photo itself to Google’s image search engine. After reverse searching an image, Google will return search results that show which websites the photo appears on and the possible […]