An Adoptee’s Search For Her Birth Father

Family Tree Search

Laura Flanagan is an adult adoptee who is on a mission to find her father. Flanagan has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in her search to find her long-lost biological father. Her search to find her father has unearthed the names of numerous relatives, which she records and organizes on index cards. Flanagan […]


Facebook’s New People Search Engine

Facebook People Search

Watch what you do, Facebook is auto-tagging you. And by the way, watch what you say because they are listening to you and captioning you too. All of your indiscretions and bloopers will now be recorded, saved, tagged and searchable with your name. Facebook is working on new ways to search for and find people […]


Two Brothers Reunited After 59-Year Search

Harold Miller and John Mueller

Two long-lost brothers have finally been reunited after a lengthy people search that started way back in 1970. John Mueller, 65, and his brother, Harold Miller, 59, have been reunited 59 years after they were separated by the juvenile court system as children. John was only 6 years old and Harold was just a baby […]


Microsoft Sues The Feds Over Secret Searches


The legal privacy wars between tech giants and the United States government continue to heat up. First, Apple fought the federal government over iPhone encryption and now Microsoft is suing the U.S. Department of Justice and Attorney General Loretta Lynch over unconstitutional information requests and secretive customer data searches. Microsoft is accusing the United States […]


Uber Settles Background Check Suit

Uber Background Check

Uber’s recent legal problems over their background check policies for drivers shows how employee screening procedures can be problematic and expensive for companies. In 2014, two of California’s District Attorneys for the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against Uber’s ride-sharing service for making misleading statements to consumers regarding the company’s […]