Police Use Commercial DNA Records To ID Crime Suspects

DNA Evidence

The popularity of commercial DNA testing companies like AncestryDNA and 23andMe have grown along with their databases of people’s DNA records and now police and law enforcement agencies want access to this genetic data to help solve active criminal cases as well as cold cases. However, genetic records found in commercial genealogy databases are likely […]


Too Much Social Media Use May Cause Depression

Depressed Emoji

Are people who use social media¬†frequently more likely to feel depressed? A new study says this is possible. According to research from the University of Pittsburgh’s Centre for Research on Media, Technology and Health, young people who spend too much time on social media may risk becoming chronically depressed individuals. The study involved 1,787 people […]


Rep’N Up “Cleans Up” Your Social Media Profiles

Rep'N Up

It is estimated that at least 93 percent of employers and job recruiters look at applicants’ social media profiles before scheduling an interview; more than 30 percent of job applicants are weeded out due to questionable posts on their social media profiles and 41 perscent of social media users have 10 or more detrimental postings […]


Google Maps Help People Avoid Border Patrol

Google Border Patrol Map

The internet has long been a place where technology meets the wild wild west for people looking to avoid societal norms as well as rules, regulations and laws. Online sites and services like Bitcoin, Silk Road, Craigslist and the dark web in general have been used for all sorts of underground, illicit, illegal activities and […]


Public DNA Testing Used In Murder Case

Teresa Robinson

A 15-year-old male from Manitoba, Canada has been arrested and charged with the murder of Teresa¬†Cassandra Robinson, 11. The murder happened in May 2015 and police have been searching for the killer ever since. The case was finally solved after a massive public DNA collection effort by the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police that involved […]