People Sharing Less Personal Info On Facebook

Facebook Share

Either people are getting more serious about keeping their personal information offline, or the excitement of social media mania is starting to decline with the masses. Whatever the reason, people are sharing fewer and fewer personal updates on Facebook. This is a serious problem for the world’s largest social network which has built a billion […]


SwipeBuster People Search Lets You Spy On Tinder Users

Swipebuster Example

Swipebuster is a new people search site that lets you spy on Tinder users and their activities by searching for them by name, age and location. The Swipebuster service could potentially be used by people to find out if their spouses or lovers are using the dating app to cheat on them. At a cost […]


FBI Warns: Online Dating Scams On The Rise

Online Dating Scam

Last week the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned the public that online dating scams targeting lonely and lovelorn people are on the rise. The FBI plans to investigate and prosecute online dating scammers with their new anti-crime initiative “Operation Romeo and Juliet.” According to the FBI, an ever-increasing number of Americans from every age group […]


People Search Reunites Brothers After 49 Years

Buckley Brothers Reunion

A lengthy people search has finally reunited three brothers after 49 years apart. James Buckley and Michael Buckley searched for their long-lost, younger brother, John, for years and found him just in time to say their final goodbyes to him. After finding and reuniting with John, James and Michael learned that John was terminally ill. […]


Proposal To Make Fake Social Media Profiles Illegal

Social Media Disguise

Last month, the United Kingdom released guidelines that would criminalize fake social media accounts that are used by internet trolls to impersonate others and harass people online. People who use fake social media accounts to harass and libel people online could face criminal charges under the new social media policy that is being proposed by […]