Infidelity Apps Let Couples Spy On Each Other

Couple Tracker

There is a new generation of surveillance and tracking tools for suspicious spies in the house of love. Online dating sites, social networks and dating apps have made it easier than ever before for people to search for and find casual as well as serious relationships with other people. However, these same internet services have […]


‘Beautiful People’ Site Exposed Personal Information

Beautiful People Dating Site

What’s the world coming to when even the beautiful people aren’t safe from having their personal information exposed on the internet and sold by online scammers. It was widely reported last week that the online dating site “Beautiful People” managed to lose personal information from over 1.1 million of the site’s online dating profiles due […]


Four Marine Buddies Reunited After 50 Years

Marine Reunion

Four military friends who served together in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War have been reunited in Florida after 50 years apart. The four men recently reunited in Florida to recreate a 1966 photograph that they had taken together on a beach near San Diego, California. The group of reunited Marines included […]


Your Smart Devices Are Spying On You

Amazon Echo

The internet of things is an ever growing connection of networked smart devices that monitor and record the people who use them. This expanding network of devices is on its way to becoming the most powerful and pervasive surveillance tool in the history of the world. If there were any truth in advertising, the “internet […]


Cops Using ‘GPS Bullets’ To Track People

StarChase GPS Launcher

Police are using a new high-tech location device for tracking people called “GPS Bullets.” GPS bullets allow cops to track suspects in cars without getting into dangerous, high-speed chases that could injure or kill police officers or innocent bystanders. These location-based bullets are made by a company called StarChase and they can be shot at […]