College Admissions To Exclude Criminal Records

Beyond the Box

It appears that the “Ban the Box” movement against the use of some criminal records in hiring and employment decisions has officially targeted college admission applications that ask people questions about their criminal background. Last week, the United States Department of Education announced their “Beyond the Box” campaign that is aimed at making it easier […]


Federal Background Checks Will Include Social Media

Social Media

There is a large number of departments and agencies in the United States federal government that require security clearances for employees that have access to sensitive data. There are currently over 4 million United States citizens that have federal security clearances. These security clearances allow people to access classified federal government records and information at […]


Hiya Identifies & Blocks Unwanted Phone Calls

Hiya Caller ID

Hiya is an automatic reverse phone number lookup and call blocker app for your smartphone. The Hiya caller ID app from Whitepages makes it easy to find out who is calling or texting your smartphone. Whenever you get a call from an unknown phone number, Hiya automatically does a reverse phone number lookup and shows […]


Three Abandoned Siblings Reunited After 30 Years

Reunited Siblings

This amazing family reunion story shows the powerful potential of using commercial DNA services and people search sites to find and reunite with long-lost family members, including family that you never knew you had. Three half-siblings, who were abandoned at birth three decades ago, have found each other and have been reunited after 30 years. […]


The FBI’s Secretive Biometric Database

FBI Biometric Data

Should the Federal Bureau of Investigation be exempt from federal privacy laws that govern the collection and use of a citizen’s personal information? Some federal law enforcement officials at the FBI think so. The FBI wants the personal information that is stored in their massive biometric database to be exempt from current U.S. privacy regulations.┬áThe […]