Phone Dating Leads To Drug Arrest

A chat on a phone dating service led to the arrest of an Evansville, Indiana man on drug charges.

A woman called police after talking to Lawrence McDonald on a telephone dating service Friday night. McDonald reportedly told the woman during their talk that he was engaged in a sexual act with a minor.

The woman informed the 911 dispatcher that she was worried when McDonald said he was involved in sexual acts with a 10 year old girl, the woman informed 911 that she heard the sound of a girl’s voice during her phone date with McDonald.

After the woman called 911 to report the incident, the local Sheriff’s Office was contacted.

When police arrived at McDonald’s place he did not answer the door. Police then obtained a search warrant to enter his house.

Police found no evidence an underage female at McDonald’s residence, however the sexual allegations are still being investigated.

While searching McDonald’s residence, the police found multiple marijuana plants, several firearms and three prescription painkillers, which McDonald did not have a prescription for, according to the police report.

McDonald was released after posting a $500 cash bond. He now faces various drug-related charges.

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