Online Dating Sites Doing Well Despite Bad Economy

A report by online ad network Millenial Media shows that, despite the bad economy, mobile web users are increasingly visiting online dating sites during the holidays.

Millenial Media is one of the largest mobile ad networks and their records show that peoples’ response levels with advertising for online dating services grew 19 percent during the Thanksgiving weekend.

In light of the bad economy, Millenial Media found it to be a surprising trend that people showed a growing demand for online dating, especially during the holidays.

Millenial Media’s findings coincide with a recent report by People Media, Inc., a creator of online dating services, which reported that 51% of 27,000 singles surveyed say the recession has no impact on their dating activities.

According to Josh Meyers, CEO of People Media. “Online dating is actually the ideal tool for these times because unemployed people have more time available to spend online, and precisely because that need for a robust social life may be more acute than ever.”

However, the People media report indicated that people are not comfortable dating someone who is unemployed.

Despite growing unemployment, 24% of people surveyed indicated that they would not date someone who was unemployed.

Another 6% of people admitted that they viewed dating as a way to network professionally to find a job.

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