WhoCanISue.com To Launch Lawsuit Advice Web Site

A Florida lawyer has created a website that promises to make the process of litigation easier for people.

The website is called WhoCanISue.com and is expected to go live in September 2008.

WhoCanISue.com hopes to help people determine whether or not they have a legitimate legal case as well as help them find a lawyer from a list of legal professionals who will advertise on the site.

Lawyers will pay a yearly fee of $1,000 to advertise on the website. WhoCanISue.com will review the attorneys to verify that they are in good standing with their state bar associations.

WhoCanISue.com is not the first legal advice site to hit the internet. Similar websites include SueEasy.com and LegalMatch.com. However, the creators of WhoCanISue.com claim their site ( which is free to use ) is different from similar sites since it will provide real-time access to lawyers.

Once people finish answering a set of general questions about their possible suit, they will be given advice about whether they have a case worth filing; if they appear to have a legitimate lawsuit, they will be put in contact with an interested lawyer on the spot.

Websites like WhoCanISue.com have their critics, even inside the legal community itself. Miami trial lawyer Richard Sharpstein said, “I think this is nothing more than a referral service. It encourages, if not creates lawsuits. Our country’s courts are clogged with unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits which delay, if not obstruct, the access to courts of people that really need to get there, that have serious legal grievances.”

However, Curtis Wolfe, the creator of WhoCanISue.com, disagrees – noting that his site could just as easily help people see that they don’t have a legitimate legal case.

Source: Time.com