US Fingerprinting All 10 Fingers

Reuters News is reporting on a new US government security policy that will collect prints on all ten fingers of foreign visitors entering the United States.

From the article —

The United States now collects the prints of only the two index fingers of foreign visitors. But it will gather prints of all their fingers and thumbs by the end of 2008, Michael Chertoff, the secretary of Homeland Security, said.

“We will be able to run everybody’s fingerprints against latent fingerprints that we are collecting all over the world in terrorist safe houses, off of bomb fragments that terrorists build, or in battlefields where terrorists wage war,” Chertoff said in a speech at Georgetown University.

The department will install new 10-fingerprint reading devices at borders and airports in two years time as it transfers from the two-print system criticized for being incompatible with the FBI’s 10-print databases.