New York City Police To Monitor Every Vehicle In Manhattan

The New York City Police Department is working on implementing a high-tech, anti-terrorism system that will track every vehicle that comes into Manhattan. The new security system is called “Operation Sentinel.”

Operation Sentinel will use radiation sensors and surveillance cameras to monitor and track every vehicle that enters lower Manhattan.

Every moving vehicle that drives into Manhattan over a bridge or in a tunnel will have its license plate photographed and screened.

Most of the NYC commuters interviewed by CBS 2 had no problem with being filmed, monitored and screened for radioactive materials, as the plan calls for, but some people feel the new security measures invade their privacy.

Chris Dunn of the New York Civil Liberties Union warned, “We are really getting to the point where NYPD is going to be tracking our movements all over the city everyday.”

Dunn believes the new security system is too intrusive, stating:

“If police were going to focus on terrorism suspects everyone would support that, but this is a program where every person driving in a car, no matter what they have done, are going to end up in a police file.”

You can watch a news report on “Operation Sentinel” below —