‘Dog’ The Bounty Hunter Arrested Today

MSNBC is reporting that bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has been arrested along with two co-stars from his TV show today on charges of illegal detention and conspiracy in an alleged kidnapping in Mexico three years ago.

From the article –

Chapman, 53, his son Leland Chapman, and associate Timothy Chapman were taken into custody in an operation involving 15 officers, said Mark Hanohano, U.S. Marshal for the district of Hawaii. They did not resist arrest, he said.

“All three were very compliant,” Hanohano said. “It went down without incident.”

The charges stem from Chapman’s capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster on June 18, 2003 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Chapman’s capture of Luster, a serial rapist, catapulted the bounty hunter to fame and led to the reality series on the A&E channel.

We all wish the best for ‘Dog’ the Bounty Hunter and his family during this trying time and hope for a speedy resolution to these charges in their favor. Evidently, the hypocritical Mexican government and authorities get angry when real justice is delivered by an American bounty hunter within their borders.

Source: MSNBC.com