Computer Worm Traps Pedophile

Sci-Tech Today is reporting that a 20 year old German man has turned himself over to authorities, after mistakenly believing a phony email generated by the Sober email worm that stated he was being investigated.

From the article —

The 20-year-old alleged pedophile was trapped by Sober-Z, a variant of Sober, a prolific Internet worm that has invaded PCs over the past few months, sending out messages from multiple fabricated e-mail addresses.

The e-mail received by the alleged pedophile said that “an investigation is underway.” The e-mail listed the sender as Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, the Bundes Kriminal Amt (BKA).

Paderborn police charged the man after finding pornographic images of children on his home computer, Reuters said. The man has not been named.

You can read the entire article @ Pornographer Trapped by Sober Worm.