Reverse Lookup Email Address Tips

We have discussed the best way to reverse lookup an email address in the past.  One of the best ways to reverse an email address is to enter it into one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.  There are a number of ways to do this:

– You can enter the email address as is like but some search engines will ignore the @ symbol and return results where the id or the domain name appears on a web page.  To avoid this, you should do a search without the @ symbol that checks for pages where the user id AND the domain name appear on the same page, like anyone AND – make sure you include the AND in the search.  Some search engines like Google will use the AND search by default and so all you need to do is include a space between the email id and domain name.

– People will often use the same logon id for numerous email addresses.  Someone could have multiple email accounts with different email  services, like and etc. You should try searching for just the user id to see where it appears online.  For instance, say you know someone with the email of address of, you should try a Google or Yahoo search for just the user id of john_doe to see where else it appears online.  Very often it will be used by the same person for various addresses, especially if the id is somewhat unique and uncommon.

– With the proliferation of blogs, message boards and comment posting on the web, you may also want to reverse lookup the email address on one of the major blog search engines like or

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