Man Arrested For Tracking & Stalking Wife With GPS Device

A man from West Monroe, Louisiana was arrested last week for allegedly tracking and stalking his wife with a GPS device.

Tracy Wilhite

Tracy Wilhite

Tracy Wilhite was arrested on July 21st, 2015 and has been accused of tracking and stalking his estranged wife for 40 days with a GPS device the he put on her vehicle to keep track of her location.

His wife told the police that Wilhite was constantly texting her, following her and showing up wherever she went.

After Wilhite mysteriously showed up at a shopping center she was at, his wife called police to report the incident.

The police advised her to drive her vehicle to the parish coroner’s office and leave it there. Police picked her up at the coroner’s office and transported her to the West Monroe Police Department where she could safely wait while they investigated the situation.

Wilhite then showed up to the coroner’s office, where her vehicle had been parked.

At this point, the police became suspicious that Wilhite was using some type of tracking device to monitor her locations.

When police searched her vehicle, they found that a GPS tracking device had been place on it.

When Wilhite was informed about the discovery of the GPS tracking device found on his wife’s vehicle, Wilhite reportedly admitted to placing it on her vehicle without her consent or knowledge.

Wilhite also reportedly told police officers that he had charged the battery on the GPS device three times over the past 40 days.

Wilhite’s wife reportedly informed the police that they have been separated twice during the past 14 months because he physically and verbally abused her.

The use of GPS devices to track people without their consent or knowledge is prohibited in Louisiana.