Google Search Reconnects Veterans With Family & Friends

Google is leveraging their people search power to help reunite and reconnect military veterans with their friends and family as well as help veterans find jobs. Google for Veterans and Families launched on Veteran’s Day as a social network and search tool for Veterans and their families.

Google for Veteran’s uses Google’s online tools to help military people and families search for jobs and search for and reunite with other veterans. Veterans can use Google Docs to create resumes, Google Voice to communicate with other veterans, family and friends online and Google Finance to manage finances.

Google has also launched a YouTube Veteran’s Channel to encourage vets to share their military experiences through video.

There are over 22 million US military veterans around the world. Google also intends to create a Tour Builder application that will allow soldiers to share their deployments online with other people through 3D maps and multimedia.

Google search tools for Veterans and military people can be found at:

While Google search tools for family members of families can be found at:

To use the Google search tools on the Veterans and Families site, people will need to register for a Google user account.