Google Searching

This Alpena News article discusses the anatomy of a Google people search —

OK, so that’s the fun part of “Googling.” Obviously, when I Google, most of the time it is related to work here at the newspaper. Take for instance Target Alpena’s new chief economic development officer Lee Shirey. Curious about the new hire and wanting to learn more, naturally I “Googled” his name.

Sure enough, Shirey has quite a few entries. From the Google search I could read some of his past reports and research, read minutes from Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Development Authority meetings and visit that DDA’s official Web site to learn more about his accomplishments while there — such as securing a Cool Cities designation for that community.

Another new interesting aspect to the internet are the popularity of personal biography sites such as “My Space” and Shirey can be found mentioned in some of that area as well.

As might be expected, he enjoys many of the same things like most of us do like hockey, the outdoors and being active in the community.

He also has an interesting hobby — paranormal investigation. After a little more “Googling” I learned he is a member of the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society — a group dedicated to researching paranormal events.

Obviously this is a man with a wide range of interests and not just your ordinary CEO.

This week Target Alpena answered for the public the question of “Who you going call?”

It now seems only natural the answer: Lee Shirey.

Source: The things you can find in a Google search