Google Search Engine Serves One Billion People Per Week

Google’s search engine has had a big year.

Even with the rise in competition for people’s attention from Bing search and the Facebook social network, Google search has managed to reach a point where they are serving search results to over one billion people per week.

That figure is almost one sixth of the world’s population.

Google hopes that their new Instant search feature will allow them to serve even more people with faster results.

It is estimated that Google’s new Instant search is saving people 11 hours of search time every second. Google believes that this will result in more searches per person.

Google founder Sergey Brin recently told Bloomberg news that Google Instant will allow people to search topics faster which will free up time for more searches and topic research on Google.

It remains to be seen how much value Google Instant will add to web search for the average person. It is a neat idea, but I have already disabled it because I find it annoying.

Time will tell if other people feel the same about instant search.

[ Source: TomsHardware ]